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How do you get makeup out of a wedding dress?

When Itook off the wedding dress I got some makeup on the inside of the dress, it just rubbed against my face. I am giving my dress to my cousin and I want to off the makeup. What can I do to remove the makeup stain so I wont ruin the wedding dress??????? If I do soap and what will it just smear the makeup on the dress?How do you get makeup out of a wedding dress?
Trying to do it at home could ruin the fabric and just make the stain look worse... a dry cleaner will fix it right up for you and make it new and fresh for your cousin!How do you get makeup out of a wedding dress?
check out my makeup tutorials on YouTube at Report Abuse

cream soda
The key to getting it off is...You don't even try!!! Take it to a professional dry cleaner and do it ASAP! The longer you wait, the longer it has to set. Bring your makeup with you if at all possible so they can see exactly what you used...that might be a very big help to them in picking out what type of cleaner to use to remove the make-up.
Take it to a professional cleaning place, they will do the best job.....
Take it to a cleaner. They are professionals who know wthat they are doing. Most likely, anything anyonr says here is a guess that could RUIN THE FACBRIC!!!

Just take it to the cleaners, trust me.
Call a wedding gown store like 'David's bridal' here in WA state. They may have the answer. They should know how to take care of them.
try putting make up remover to it,

or soda water

What should I do for wedding makeup?

I am struggling to decide whether or not to have my makeup professionally done for my wedding. I want it to look nice, but, I can't see paying someone to do it since I do know how to put makeup on. I was thinking of going to a makeup counter or store and having a beauty consult done and going from there. I think it would be cheaper, but I'm not sure. Also, some of my bridesmaids are ';makeup deficient'; if you will. Should I have them go on consults too?What should I do for wedding makeup?
I had the same 'wedding' problem just it was with my hair :-) I have a good sence of beauty but on my wedding I decided to try something more special and went to the hairdresser ;-) She started to make some 'special' things but at the middle of the process I decided I didnt like my hair - that was not me at all. I jumped up and said I dint like it that way.If you just could see my hairdressers eyes.';What are you going to do now?'; asked she. ';I am going to wet my hair and do something that I will feel comfortable with.'; was my answer :-D I bet shed never had another bride like me on the chair :-D So I went home, stood before the mirror and although averybody arround me was in a hurry I really enjoyed doing my hair. On my wedding day one of my aunts asked WHERE THEY HAD DONE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL HAIRSTYLE FOR ME!!!

Heres the conclusion : whatever you do, if you feel comfortable with yourself, everybody will think youre just perfect!!!

So if you are good at make up, then you have an already formed taste for what suits you. If you think you dont understand how to do it, than anything would do just fine for you :-) In your case, however, its more likely for you to cope better yourself than anybody elese on your own face. May be there are some good make up artists who would do really better but is your wedding the time for experiments?! Or at least go for a test make up several days before the event.

Youve mentioned the words 'paying' and 'cheapper'. If money is a problem for you, then you put priorities first. As I feel by reading your question you will do just fine with your own make up. Go for it. I did my make up alone and I felt briliantly on my wedding. I knew what I wanted and it was all that mattered.

About your bridesmaids...may be you could organize a make up artist for them before the wedding, after they get dressed, and give him/her your opinion on how you would like them to be done (heavier or liter make ups, what colors...etc) Then let this person do it for them. If expensive, ask some talented friend to do it for you as a wedding present. Your girls will feel special because you have brought a make up profecionalist especially for them and you will feel comfortable that they are ok on your wedding ...and the wedding pictures will be fine ;-)

As for the type of the make up - make some experiments on your face beforehand if you need anything ask some friends to land you something. You will see the difference in between the materials yourself - you have a taste - you said :';I dont want to look like...'; Thats enough ;-)What should I do for wedding makeup?
I had my makeup done professionally on my wedding day. The day of I was so busy putting together the final details of the wedding that I was happy to have the makeup artist come and do my makeup on site. It was the best thing that I could have done because it was one less thing that I had to worry about.

It's not only about how good they do the makeup, it's also about saving time. Do you have a wedding planner to take care of the wedding planning the day of the event? (I didn't have one). If not, don't even think about going anywhere to have your makeup done. You'll have less time than you think and this is your day to be pampered anyway!

Also, for your bridesmaids, it would be a good idea for the ';makeup deficient'; to get their makeup done at a counter or a salon that does both hair and makeup. At MAC, you can make an appointment for a consult (so they can be done on time) and have them bring a picture of the bridesmaid dress so the artist will know how to do the makeup.

Your foundation depends upon your skin type. The heavier the coverage, the better it will look in photographs BUT it will be uncomfortable to wear throughout the reception. Keep your skin in the best condition so that you can use less. My makeup artist chose a Clarins foundation (not too heavy but pigmented enough to cover a last minute pimple that showed up).
I think if you have been doing your makeup yourself and know how and are happy with it, do it yourself for your wedding. If your friends are ';makeup deficient'; they should probably have a consult done, but ultimately it's up to them. The way their makeup looks isn't going to matter than much. You are the focus in the pictures. Unless any of them use really outrageous makeup, but it doesn't sound like that it their problem.
I think you should look like you on your wedding day if you can apply make up well do it yourself or have a friend help out that knows how you like it. If you want a lil more sparkle find some body shimmer for your neck and cheeks to add a special glow
If you go to the Mac counter, they do your makeup for free but you have to buy at least 40 bucks in makeup from them. They do a wonderful job!
Im not sure if there is a Merril Norman where you live but they do a wonderful job on makeup and its free. You can also call your local spas and ask to speak to the Esthetician. They sometimes have great rates on make-up. Also check the malls. They have Mac counters and they do makeup for free. Im not sure if you have to purchase products to receive the makeup application from Mac though. Good Luck. Have it done proffessionaly.
I would schedule an appointment with a make up counter. Most of the time, you don't have to pay for it. They would like you to buy something. My friends and I have always purchased the lip color. It makes it nice to be able to reapply with the same color. Make it fun, and all go together. I would suggest Clinique.
Personally, I prefer the way my makeup looks when I do it myself.

I like to keep my makeup pretty minimal and natural looking, and when I have it professionally done, I think they use too much and I just don't think I look like myself.
u can go to the mall and get a makeover for free
If it is a fairly large wedding it would be worth it to have a professional do the job on the day.

It is a big photography day, and you will need to wear more makeup so your face shows up better in the pictures and you look gorgeous. A professional can put a lot more makeup on you, while avoiding the caked on look. You don't want to look washed out in the pictures.
Even if you don't do it for the actual wedding, it would be a fun thing to do with your bridesmaids to go out and get your make-up done at a make-up counter. This might help those who are ';make-up deficient'; a reason to want to look really good for the wedding. I did my own make-up and my cousin came in and said ';You're make-up looks great! Who did it?';

Go for elegance, a classy clean look for your wedding day. Practice in the days before so you can do it yourself. Have your bridesmaids over ahead of time and help them out.

One thing to remember, blend the make-up down the jaw line to the neck...know what I mean? You don't want a line at the edge of your face.
Well, let's start with the bridesmaids. Unless, you're planning on paying for all of them, it's not nice to demand that your bridesmaids have their make up professionally done. If some of them are more talented with the blush brush than others, ask them to lend a hand. That way, no one is offended and everyone looks nice.

As for your own makeup, get it professionally done, one way or another. You'll show up better in the pictures without looking like you just globbed on mascara yourself. You spend so much money on your wedding photography, you want to make sure you look nice in the pictures.
Ask around and friend a friend or relative who is good at this.. and have a tea type thing where you can all have your makeup done that day together.. that would be fun and you can match up a little. I am thinking Mary Kay consultant.. they have all the make up and palets and everything. Maybe you could throw her a few bucks, but the big thing is she'll be glad to help out for advertisement.
I think you should go for a professional even though you are good because they will have all the expensive top products and it will save you alot of hassle from worrying about whether it goes wrong and they can help you with best colours to suit you etc.

If you want the wedding to be beautiful and perfect then they should go to consultants if you want them to. After all it is your wedding, so your choice!!
Put a bag over your head. No one will notice anyway.
Merrel Norman does it for free too... set up an appointment...but they won't do the whole wedding party. Or if you have a good Friend that you know is good at doing make up ask her to come to the wedding early enough to do it for you....Believe me...most people won't notice anyway...unless of course you look like a clown did it for you...HA HA
If you find a good make up artist, you won't have that caked on look. I would suggest going with a professional just because they have tricks to ';set'; your make up so that it lasts throughout the day, and this is important since it will be a day filled with picture taking! My make up artist was awesome and she only charged me $75, which was a great deal compared to some others I spoke with.
I had my makeup done at a clinque counter in the mall one time. It was free, but you had to buy $15 worth of products. It was worth it to me.

How do I do my sister's hair and makeup for her wedding?

My 18 year old sister is getting married in Las Vegas next week. She is on a very tight budget and I will be with her. She cannot afford to have her hair and make-up done.

I am proficient at applying make-up, I just would like some color ideas for a wedding.

Her hair is the big issue, she has thick shoulder length (no layers) dark brown hair. It is straight and reletivly easy to work with.

To give you an idea of her looks and coloring, think of Sandra Bullock, they could be twins.

Any help would be appraciated.How do I do my sister's hair and makeup for her wedding?
Nothing too severe. loose curls or a loose 'up' do would be nice. with maybe a few small (tiny) flowers in hair or maybe just a flower at the side, that wold be cute.

As for makeup it should be natural as people want to look at her not her makeup.

Good luck and congrats to your sisterHow do I do my sister's hair and makeup for her wedding?
dont try to do an up-do with that short of hair...most likeley would not turn out ..I would maybe try a waver or loose curls...that would look real good..choose colors that match her skin browns would look good
ask what see wants
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  • Wedding hair and makeup near santa cruz california?

    I'm getting married in three months and want to find someone to do my hair and makeup. Anyone know of someone close to the Santa Cruz area?Wedding hair and makeup near santa cruz california?

    It was voted the best beauty salon on for the Santa Cruz location. Also if you scroll to the bottom of its homepage, it says that they specialize in weddings.

    Here's a description from the website:

    Some things we can change, some things we can't? Luckily, TONIC Salon %26amp; Spa is in the first category! Complete makeovers and exceptional customer service are our specialty in this full service salon %26amp; spa as we have over 3,000 sq ft of state of the art technology in hair care, skin and body treatments. Color specialists, anti-aging facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, massages, body treatments, make-up sessions, hair extensions and color correction as well as bridal packages are where we excel.

    In addition, we have been voted the Best Salon %26amp; Best Place to Day Spa by the Good Times and MetroSantaCruz in 2006, as well as winning Best Esthetician with Alana Palme as well. Our exclusive selection of spa treatments and salon experts are designed to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body %26amp; soul.

    Read the reviews here:鈥?/a>

    Trust me, if citysearch says its the best, it is. I live in NYC and it led me to an award-winning stylist who also works on moviesets for big movies.

    Otherwise here' s a whole list:鈥?/a>

    Where in the chicagoland do I find someone to do makeup for a wedding?

    I need one for March 21st 2009. Suggestions?Where in the chicagoland do I find someone to do makeup for a wedding?
    I am getting married Feb 28 and here are a few suggestions I was given

    1. A lot of salons that also do hair, do makeup and some have what they call a ';bridal package'; which in the price is included a trial run of both hair and make up before the big day, then hair and make up on the big day.

    2. Clinique (which is usually located in Carson's stores) do make overs and usually just want you to buy some of their product in order to do your make up, but usually only $30 worth, which can be cheaper than places that just do your make up and you get some make up out of it.

    Good luck!

    Ways to do my hair for my wedding & makeup(picz please!!!)?

    i have long goes half way down my back.i have a strapless dress.updo's or half up.also im latin and would appreciate a way to do my makeupWays to do my hair for my wedding %26amp; makeup(picz please!!!)?
    Hello, Definately have your hair up... I love this wedding photo of the transformation and the makeup used to accomplished the look:鈥?/a>

    Look at the video for what I mean about the hair... below is the makeup used for the look.


    Primer from sephora

    MAC NW20 SFF mixed w/strobe cream

    MAC NW20 select cover

    Sue Devitt bronzer for contouring

    Lorac snake charmer blush

    Bobbi Brown Apricot shimmerbrick

    MAC Shimpagne MSF

    MAC Translucent powder to set

    Eyes: all MAC

    Untitled paint as base

    Woodwinked on lid

    Patina on crease

    Satin Taupe on crease

    Shroom on brow bone

    Embark on outter v

    Embark wet to line lid

    Blacktrack fluidliner on waterline

    Lips: all MAC

    Stripdown lip liner

    viva glam lipstick can't remember which 1.

    Big baby plushglassWays to do my hair for my wedding %26amp; makeup(picz please!!!)?
    It sounds great either way. to look really dressy do an updo. %26amp; leave just a few strands hanging down in the sides %26amp; back if you want.

    About your make-up. use a white hi-lighter %26amp; advise others of the wedding party to do so also. it brings the light to your face ,making your pictures turn out better %26amp; accentuates your good features.

    I'd do just a tad more since you'll be in front of a crowd %26amp; having pic's taken-it needs to show up more especially on your eyes. What colors your picking for your bridesmaids would look good somewhere incorporated in your make-up. like if they're wearing peach, use a similar color for your cheeks %26amp; lips-oh-put some gloss on too. If it's not a cheeky color use it on somewhere like a hint of it on your eyes maybe if you like. God bless you on your committment.
    I found some good pics for you鈥?/a>

    And be simple on the makeup just as the bride would be. Like this.鈥?/a>

    it has LOADZA tips

    I need help doing my makeup for my wedding in two weeks?

    Hi! I'm getting married in two and I'm so nervous. I want everything perfect. My hair is strawberry blonde and my skin color is tan. My dress is white and I'm wearing a blue diamond necklace. Any suggestions on color and tips for makeup?I need help doing my makeup for my wedding in two weeks?
    CONGRATS! Anyway, I would recomend going out to get it done by a professional but if you dont want to I will give you advice on both what makeup to buy, but how to apply it.

    First, there are a few things that you will need to buy. Things with a star next to them are for beginners, and the things with a dash in front of them are for when you know how to apply makeup really well. Only buy the things with a dash next to them after you have mastered the ones with the stars. Along with your makeup, you need something to apply your makeup with, so I will list off some brushes that you should buy. Also, when ever you wear makeup, you should always take care of your face. I will also include a list of skin care products that you should have, how to use them, and what brands I recommend later on. With all the lists, stars mean for when you first start, and dashes mean for when you move on. And remember, this does not mean that you need to buy all of the starter things today, but its good to start off with one to all of what I recommend. Take it slowly, and practice each thing a few times before moving onto the next. If you have ANY questions at all on what I said, more tips that you need, what exact color you need (I will need a picture in that case) or other random things, feel free to contact me by email ( or AIM (Lactating Dragon).



    *Eye shadow



    *Lip gloss or lipstick



    -Eyebrow shadow

    -Lip liner


    *Eye shadow brush

    *Blush brush

    -Eyebrow brush

    -Combo eyebrow brush/eyelash separator

    -Lipstick brush

    I put my makeup on in a different order than what I will teach you how to do. After I鈥檓 done with the tips and tricks, I will recommend an order that has worked for me after many years. Another thing you need to remember, I will not teach anyone how to look like they are wearing large amounts of makeup. I do not promote looking like a model for eye makeup because unless it is a late night party or a rave, you do not need to look like that. I will try to teach you the best way possible to do your makeup to not only look natural but to enhance your natural beauty. With that said, lets get started!

    First try putting foundation on. If there is one thing that you should start off wearing is foundation. It evens out your skin tone, hides any blemishes, and helps to disguise any small scars that you might have. First start off by putting a little bit of your foundation onto your hand. Next, dab your finger into the foundation and dot it all around your face. After you have little dots of the liquid over your face, rub it in gently. If you are too rough on your face you might get wrinkles later on in life, and that is not a good thing. Try and see how you look. If you realize that you put too much on, wash it off and start over. If you didn鈥檛 put enough, just dab some more onto your face. Just keep trying until you know what amount looks good on you. A special tip from me for applying foundation is to always push it towards the center of your face instead of out towards your hair line. It wont do anything now or for a few years, but after many many years of rubbing the foundation to the outside of your face it will give you wrinkles. Also, use your middle finger or your ring finger to smooth it on. The more gentle you are on your face now, the more you will thank yourself when you are older. A good foundation to wear is true match by L鈥橭real. Here is a link to Walgreen鈥檚 advertising the makeup. When you go in, ask someone to help you figure out what shade would be best for you if you need help. But L鈥橭real is pretty easy to figure out, and if you cant figure it out at all, buy a shade that is close enough. Even if it is a little off, as long as you don鈥檛 put too much on it wont make a huge difference.鈥?/a>

    For all makeup (lipstick not included) you need to think of what skin type you have. Skin types fall into two major categories: yellow/orange, or blue/red. People with yellow/orange undertones tan instead of burn, and they do not have as sensitive skin as people with blue/red. People with blue/red undertones don鈥檛 tan, but burn to no end. They usually have more sensitive skin than those with yellow/orange. People with yellow/orange undertones look best with browns, yellows, peaches, things like that. Think of the most earthy colors that could be close to a natural skin color. That is what yellow/oranges look good in. For blue/reds, they look good in more pinkish tones. Pinks, reds, bright oranges, purples, berry colored things. Think of the natural colors of berries, exotic flowers, all bright. Those colors look good on people with blue/red undertones.

    Next thing that I would suggest buying is mascara. This is the easiest thing to apply in my opinion. Just open up the bottle, and put it on your eyelashes. Start at the base and make a long swoop up. When you are done with your entire eyelash, gently run your fingers across the tips of the eyelash so that you break up any clumps and get rid of any little dots on the end. Here is a good mascara that I use very often:鈥?/a>

    After mascara, go and buy some lip gloss or lipstick. This too is easy to apply, just put it on your lips and go on with life. I don鈥檛 really have tips except that you should always use a very moisturizing lipstick, otherwise it will take a lot more to get color. With lip gloss, just pick a much more dramatic color that you want, and put it on. If you look good in a light berry lipstick, pick a deep and dark berry lip gloss because your natural color will show through. Now lets talk about how to find your lip color. Remember what I told you about all your makeup except for lipstick? Well, the reason why is because you switch it when you are wearing lipstick. If you look at your face, most people with yellow/orange skin tones have more pink lips, and people with blue/red undertones have more brown lips. This is because your lipstick should make your lips pop out, and you need to switch the coloring just for this one thing. So if you have yellow/orange undertones, switch it up and pick a color out of the red/blue group. If you have red/blue undertones, try it the other way and go for those earthy browns. Of course, trust your own natural lip color to be your guide. If you have pinkish or red lips, even if you have red/blue undertones find something to enhance that. No matter what the books say on anything, trust your own face first when it comes to finding the right color.

    Lip color:鈥?/a>

    Next thing I think you should buy is blush. When you put foundation on, sometimes it can cover up that natural pretty glow that you have. It doesn鈥檛 look terrible, but blush can put that glow back in your skin in no time. For this, you will need a blush brush. Buy a blush brush that is soft, but firm at the same time. It should be anywhere between a third and a half of your fist, and should poof out at the end. At first, any type of blush brush will work, but over time you will want softer and better quality ones. What you need to do for blush is if it is a pressed powder blush, rub the brush in the pressed powder, or if it is loose powder then just dip the brush in there. After that, you need to get off some of that blush or it will be too dramatic on your cheeks. Gently hit the base of the brush on your arm, just so that some of it gets off. With what is remaining, smile, and swipe (from the middle of your face to your hair line) on the bulges on your cheeks from smiling. Also, put a tiny tiny bit on your nose. If you have a wide nose, you can put a tiny tiny bit on the sides of your nose to create the appearance of a shadow. This will make it look slightly smaller. However, DO NOT OVER DO IT! When it comes with trying to apply any type of makeup, try with the smallest amount possible, and then gradually increase the amount until you find something that looks good on you.

    For blue/red undertones:鈥?/a>

    For yellow/orange undertones:鈥?/a>

    Last thing for beginners is eye shadow. There is one and only one eye shadow that I will recommend to you, and if you go out and buy only one thing that I suggest, please let it be this. Almay makes amazing eye shadow to start out with, but to make it better鈥?They just came out a while ago with their new color trios. What that means is that they have eye shadows that have three different colors in them, and they are designed to fit your individual eye color. Good news people: Almay just took all the guess work out of buying eye shadow. Did you always want to bring out that blue? Do you have multicolored eyes with green the most prominent color but it just doesn鈥檛 seem that way? Do you think that your brown eyes are boring and could be so much better if only you could find the right eye makeup? If you ever thought anything like that, Almay has the product for you. They have three rectangles of colors in a row. The top goes from the crease to the brow, the middle goes on the crease, and the bottom goes on the eyelid. This is how you apply it. You take your eye shadow brush (any kind, but it should be about half the size of your pinky to about two thirds of your pinky), swipe it across the color, do the tapping thing like you did with the brush and apply it to the area that it tells you to. First, put the bottom color all over your eye lid. Second, take the top color and put it everywhere from your brow to the crease. Third, take the middle color and put it in between the crease. I need to emphasize the point I made earlier: eye makeup should enhance your eyes, not make you look like a clown. Again, start out as light as you can get and increase the depth if you feel the need to. Even the slightest amount will make your eyes pop.鈥?/a>

    Because this is intended for beginners, I will not go into detail on other areas of makeup. I will however tell you what you need to do to take care of your skin. Skin care products are more expensive than makeup, so I will make a list of things that you need, in the order that you should buy them. Taking care of your skin is so important because after years of makeup, it gets harder and harder to cover up your age. If you don鈥檛 want to look wrinkled by the time you are 40, you MUST start now! All of these get stars because although some may be more urgent than others, you should collect all of them within a year or so.

    Skin care:

    *Good cream cleanser that removes makeup


    *Eye makeup remover


    *Exfoliating scrub

    *Eye cream

    First, you MUST buy a good cleanser NOW! I recommend this cleanser:鈥?/a>

    You use it exactly as you would soap.

    Next, you need a good moisturizer. This is what I use:鈥?/a>

    Next, eye makeup remover is important, especially with mascara. The one I like best is:鈥?/a>

    Toner is also a good idea to have because it gets rid of oils that make you look greasy but don鈥檛 make you look dried out. Here is the one I use every single day:鈥?/a>

    You should also buy an exfoliating scrub because it removes all dead skin and makes you look amazing. The best one I have seen yet is also by grassroots, and the quality is too good for the price:鈥?/a>

    My favorite piece of skin care is eye cream, but that鈥檚 because I have light skin, very dark hair and bright green eyes. So I spend more time making my eyes look better so that that鈥檚 what stands out on my face the most. When you spend as much time as I do on your eyes, you need something to keep them soft and bright. The other products that I have given you for skin care are good suggestions, but if you were to buy each and every type of skin care product that I recommended, but only one of them was going to be the exact product, I would recommend the eye cream by grassroots. It leaves your eyes with a slight warming feeling to calm them down, and you will wake up with your eyes soft and amazing the first night you use it, and it only gets better from then. Remember, eye cream is only for at night time:鈥?/a>

    Well, that鈥檚 it. I hope you have a good time trying things out, and make sure to take care of your sin. If you have any questions, you can send me an instant message or email me any time!I need help doing my makeup for my wedding in two weeks?
    ALL i know is you better and you should use natural and classy makeup for your wedding. Natural Makeup will bring out ur beauty. Good Luck and Congrats! Report Abuse

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! probably go w/ the one that has all that typing. God Bless your marriage, and make it last for the rest of your lives!!!!!!
    go to the clinique counter and have them do some different palates on you... they're FAB!!
    Yes. The most important thing you can do is to not go over the top! Resist the urge to look like someone other than yourself. When you look back at your wedding pictures, you will want to see you, not some clown. Be as classy and natural as possible. Try a consultation with Mary Kay. That way you can try out several looks in the privacy of your own home.
    Blue eyeshadow, and a pale shimmery pink lipstick/gloss.
    Is Your Hair really strawberry blonde? Mine is and i have never met anyone with the same hair color???

    You might want light blue eyeshadow to go with the necklace a light shimmering body powder and a Dark Reddish natural color for the lips I hope your marriage works out perfectly!!
    Check out the Mary Kay Bridal page at鈥?/a> There are so many ideas!! I hope this helps.
    With your coloring, I would go with some pastels or possibly some coral colors.

    It's hard not to be nervous for your wedding but try to breathe and use some soft powder to not shine too much.

    Have a great married life!
    Actually since I sell Mary Kay I know that a beauty consultant can come to your home and give you a facial and totally help you out with choosing the right makeup for you special day! Some consultants even go to you wedding and help with you makeup and even help the bridesmaids out! To look for a beauty consultant in your area please go to good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!
    The most important thing you have to remember is, good coverage with the foundation. You must mosturize first (with a simple lotion), in order for your foundation to set correctly. Apply an even layer of foundation, blending towards your hairline. Line your eyes with a subtle blue (if you have blue eyes) or black/brown eyeliner (whichever looks best on you %26amp; goes according to your eyecolor). Then you may want to use a subtle blue eyeshadow to allow them to ';pop'; (if you have another color, visit ALMAY's website they have an eye-color coordination eye-makeup case). Almay is also sold at your local Walmart store, costs between 5 and 7 dollars. Then after the eyeshadow, apply your masscara (brush it through your eyelashes horizontally 2 or 3 times, then out as if you were applying them normally. Do not coat more than twice, otherwise it will look messy. After your eye-makeup apply some orangeish-redish (or pinkish depending on the color of your skin %26amp; hair) blush, brush them only on the apples of ur cheek then extend to your hairline. Then apply a orangeish-redish (pinkish as mentioned above) lipstick/lipcolor (in a tube), to your lips. And lastly, apply some Sally Hansen lipgloss for a finishing touch! THE KEY IS TO PRACTICE DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING, to find your true match and to make sure you're able to apply everything perfectly.

    Good luck at your wedding!

    P.S. If you don't want to do all the above, then visit your local mall %26amp; ask one of the beauty counters to do your make-up for you. It's free of charge! GOOD LUCK :)
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